3 Denver Sweet Shops, That are a Total Must Stop!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a quick fun fact about myself; I have a major sweet tooth! So naturally while visiting my boyfriend in Denver, I wanted to seek out the best places in Denver to get delicious, sweet snacks! If you live in or are planning a trip to Denver, you better check out these cute little shops!

Sweet Cooie’s Ice Cream and Confectionery


This is absolutely the cutest ice cream shop I have ever been to hands down. If you have been to Denver, you might have been to Little Man Ice Cream, which is also super cute. Little Man is owned by Paul Tamburello and is named after his father who was nicknamed ‘Little Man’. Paul opened the store to keep his father’s legacy alive and when Little Man Ice Cream became such a success, Paul decided to open Sweet Cooie’s, which is named after his mother who was nicknamed Cooie.



Sweet Cooie’s is right out of a picture book. With the teal walls and gold detailing, it is the best location for a cute first date or quick snack stop while shopping with the girls. They have a variety of ice cream flavors, they offer multiple ways to order them. Either in a sundae or waffle cone, the ice cream is delicious. I would recommend the ‘Gooey Cooie’. It is ice cream between two warm donuts, topped with a sweet icing. You also can not go wrong with a strawberry Not only do they offer many selections in ice cream, they have a sorbet and vegan options! Ice cream, not your thing? They have a variety of candies, as the store is also a confectionary!




Yours Truly Cupcake


If your favorite form of baked good is a cupcake, make sure to stop by Yours Truly Cupcake. This sweet little shop has unique flavors and they even catered Jessie James Decker’s wedding! The unique aspect of this bakery is their ‘Walk-Up Window.’ This cute little cupcake bar is right on the sidewalk and you can choose any 3 yummy treats for $5! I had their lemon macaron, Bailey’s & Cream cupcake, and a champagne strawberry cupcake. They were all super tasty and the window was absolutely adorable.



Deiter’s Chocolates


Chocolate is a girl’s best friend, right? So if you are looking for some of those friends, head over to Deiter’s Chocolate for some gourmet goodies! From truffles to caramels, they have some of the most unbelievable flavors! The cinnamon and honey chocolate was my favorite! Not only was the chocolate and the store really sweet, but the story behind the shop is so heartwarming. The chocolatier and the store’s owner, Adrienne, was so welcoming and shared the tale behind Deiter’s.



For years, the shop was run by a wonderful man who was famous around Denver for his amazing chocolates. Adrienne worked along side the amazing chocolatier for years until he retired and Adrienne opened her own shop, right in the same location, to honor her friend and mentor.



All of these places are filled with wonderfully sweet treats and the people behind the magic are as great as their treats. If you are in the Denver area make sure to stop by and treat yourself to some delicious snackies!

Happy eating!!



Abbie Michelle



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